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OASIS | Reuben Hash by Reedpiper OASIS | Reuben Hash by Reedpiper
App for | :icono-asis:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .:. L O A D I N G .:. 100%

[ B A S I C  D A T A ]
Name | Reuben Hash
Age | 19
Birthday | October 3rd
Sex | Male
Height | 1,6 m .:. 5'6"
Weight | 64.4 kg .:. 142 lbs
Nationality | Mixed, European

[ O A S I S  D A T A ]
Title | No Title [ yet ]
Strain | Omega
Partner | Zafir

[ P E R S O N A L I T Y  D A T A ]
Highly Logical ◊ Passionate ◊ Polite ◊ Slightly Manipulative/Dishonest ◊ Highly Motivated

Logos: ||||||||||
Ethos: |||
Pathos: ||||||

From a first glance, Reuben easily falls into the stereotypical, aloof, optimistic stereotype typical of a youngster. While his thoughts may not be focused on the topic of discussion, he is far from oblivious.

Reuben is very sharp in terms of noting details of the environment and is experienced in identifying cause and effect relationships. He is a chatty fellow and is very polite, almost to the point of outright ignoring others' emotion, but the purpose of his talks has nothing to do with him actually caring how your day went. Instead, he will gently steer the conversation such that the person he's talking to will want to tell him information about their day, their opinions, and experiences outside the wall. At times, he can be inconsiderate of others's feelings in favor of obtaining more data.

A pioneer by nature, Reuben's curiosity about the actuarials of OASIS relentlessly drive him to observe and document specifics of the digital realm. He is particularly enthusiastic about the nature of Viruses and Monsters, going as far as to risk his own health in favor of accurately documenting these strange beings. Clearly, Reuben is very passionate about his work. Genuinely caring about his progress is one of the quickest ways to befriend him - he will openly discuss it with anyone curious enough to ask.

Unless you are very curious about viruses and what makes them tick, avoiding Reuben would be wise. He often turns to acquaintances for help in setting up an experimental environment or provoking a virus into action so he can observe it. He is more reluctant about asking close friends if high risk is involved, but nevertheless it will be an option in the back of his mind.

[[This description will change as Reuben's character develops over the course of RPs.]]

Likes and Dislikes
:bulletblack: SCIENCE!
:bulletblack: That feeling when you figure something out and its like AHHHHHH MMMMM  YESSS I AM A GENIUS i must write this down goodness me
:bulletblack: Plenty of quiet time
:bulletblack: Cooperative impromptu test subjects
:bulletblack: his O-DEV. It's very useful for typing stuff out on it. He's better at texting quickly than typing, which is rather depressing actually.
:bulletblack: People who listen to him ranting about his latest hypotheses and even moreso if they contribute an idea.
:bulletblack: But not a stupid one.

:bulletred: People stating the obvious
:bulletred: Physical exercise. Envious of fit people but unwilling to partake in training, he loathes aerobics, as it reminds him of his condition.
:bulletred: Losing. He's a sore loser. Shhhh.
:bulletred: This list will be expanded after a few rps for sure.

[ R E C O R D  D A T A ]
Reuben grew up a single child in a small family. His parents both worked - his mother a psychology researcher and father a software engineer.  His mother spent most of her free time with him, and he was subconsciously influenced by her to be behavior  more observant of people, as well as slightly better at manipulating.

Unfortunately, Reuben developed a minor case of asthma early on in his childhood. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but it put him at a disadvantage in comparison to other kids. As a result, he fell behind other children in races and games, growing to resent physical activity (he was a sore loser). He opted instead to find companionship in literature and quickly learned to entertain himself with the world around him rather than pining for the attention of his parents and peers.

On his tenth birthday, Reuben's parents gave him a hardcover journal and pen.

"Congrats on the double digits, kid!" father smiled proudly.
"You read a lot of books huh? Why don't you write down your own ideas?" his mother put a hand on his shoulder, kissing his cheek.

Rather lacking in inspiration at the time, Reuben instead wrote down what he could see, as detailed as his ten-year-old mind could. What happened if you flipped over a ladybug, or  how long it took a worm to crawl across the cobblestone chunk? Thus began Reuben's obsession of naturalistic observation.

At age 15, he learned his father was on a team that was responsible for putting together parts of the code in a large-scale operation called OASIS_Mainframe. However, would reply with little information when questioned.

"I'm not really qualified to talk about it, I'm only in charge of setting up the maintenance and security system. Not even that, I just run scans for bugs in the SYSTEM and report the ones I can't fix myself. A whole new world, though! Think of all the posibilities." his father said, turning his face from the screen before him. His terminal was running a scan anyways.

Several years later, his father came home one night, announcing that his team had finished the final checks. The Project was ready for "beta testing" in a few months.

The chance was too good to pass up. It was straight from a sci-fi story book. All the possibilities! All the undocumented aspects of a barely-born world, and he was the first to have a chance to record it in his name. By the time he was on the cusp of adulthood, Reuben still needed to choose a major, but it was clear, that his interests focused around experimentation and meticulous documentation. The idea of being stuck in a classroom for hours learning theory, despite its indisputable fundamental necessity, revolted him. That was something he could do in his own spare time, and often did. He resorted to his parents' opinions on the matter.

"You're a man now, you can make your own decisions." Hs mother chided him gently. That was her way of acknowledging his choice. She was not particularly happy with it, but she would not hold him back from the opportunity of a lifetime.
"Haha! That's my boy. Go on, then!" His father laughed warmly.

With both his parents' permission, Reuben for the OASIS program.

[ M I S C E L L A N E O U S  D A T A ]
:bulletblack: His taste in music ranges in all genres, but he tends to avoid overly happy / loud / badass music. His favorite playlists are almost all acoustic.
:bulletblack: Though he works best in silence, casual banter and company lifts his mood particularly well.
:bulletblack: Even if said company is a test subject. Oops.
:bulletblack: Reuben has a hard time reading people well, but is extraordinarily good at guessing the sort of reaction his words and actions can elicit.
:bulletblack: So basically most of his conversations seem to come out of nowhere at first.
:bulletblack: He relies completely on pre-set outfit choices in his OASIS wardrobe to look decent. Reuben is a fashion disaster if left to his own devices.
:bulletblack: He is ever so slightly nearsighted. Because he dislikes wearing glasses, he often forgets them.
[ R O L E P L A Y  D A T A ]
Preffered Method | Lit .:. Paragraph
Medium | DA Notes for long ones .:. Skype Chat for faster pace
Contact | Note me a starter or note me your skype name so I can add you.
Writing Sample

The blinking was starting to annoy him. Reuben very rarely messaged any other vessels over his O-Dev, if at all. Its purpose, to him, was purely empirical - to record data more efficiently. So why on earth was it blinking?

He grunted, shifting his position on his bed to reach for his mobile device. He winced, the illuminated screen too brightly displaying the trademark SYSTEM eye. Typical.

[ HELLO USER! SYSTEM WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SIGNIFICANT VIRUS - DATA CONTRIBUTION! SYSTEM WANTS TO REWARD YOU. SYSTEM CARES FOR YOU. DO YOU LIKE EXCLUSIVE ITEMS? NEW CLOTHES? ] SYSTEM's metallic and tinny voice bounced around the small apartment-like room Reuben had designated as his new home and study.

Of course SYSTEM would be monitoring every tap of his finger, wouldn't it? ...Not that it really mattered, so long as it didn't ruin his experimental environment.

"Oh, SYSTEM, you really don't know me at all." he sighed, his voice pleasant and airy. "I'm not interested in fashion or anything like that..." His O-DEV blinked enthusiastically.


Reuben simply smiled. "I want to do science, of course."

[ EXCELLENT! ] The normally metallic and emotionless voice came across thickly layered in what could only be described as satisfaction. The realization made chills run down Reuben's spine. He lifted his O-DEV, glancing at the screen confusedly. It displayed the usual homescreen. SYSTEM was already gone.

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Reedpiper Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Ahahahh! They are p similar I know right- even the freckles, man //sob

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Reedpiper Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
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